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Miracle Home Makeover

MIRACLE MAKEOVER is an exciting and unique new design service offered by the award-winning design team at Design Vision Studio.

Design Vision Studio is blurring the lines between interior design and lifestyle changes almost like a bootcamp for how to live in your home.

This specialized design service was created for people wanting a change with the look, feel and function of their home to improve how they live in their surroundings. Our Miracle Makeover is a way to improve your environment in as little as a month. The service includes five meetings within 30 days so you can start enjoying your home in ways you never dreamed of.

What makes our Miracle Makeover unique is that it combines a team comprised of an experienced and talented interior designer, a professional organizer and a skilled handyman. We can transform your home and your life by providing a "Design Rescue" for your living, eating and sleeping areas.

Our Miracle Makeover is Quick - Cheap - Easy (and they said it couldn't be done!) You will not find another interior design package like this being offered anywhere else. Our dream team are experts in color theory, textiles, scale, space-planning and style. We focus on not having "more" things but having the "right" things.

How does this work?

We start with a 30 minute phone interview to see if our Miracle Makeover is the right choice for your design goals. You are welcome to email photos ahead of time for our review.

Here is a breakdown of our Miracle Makeover steps and timeline:

1) Site Review & Client Meeting 2 hours - define the scope, photograph the space, and a develop plan of action and a shopping list.

2) Designer Day - up to 6 hours - we will tackle all design related tasks, make suggestions, and explain the reasons behind them. We can shop with the client either online or a local showroom. Create a "homework list" of suggested tasks for the client to complete before our next meeting.

3) Organizer Day - up to 6 hours - we will tackle organizing one of your living, eating or sleeping areas (closets, pantry, garage, memorabilia, etc.)

4) Handyman Day - up to 6 hours - we will tackle a list of miscellaneous design-related items for the makeover. This can include moving furniture, installing light fixtures, hanging artwork, painting, etc.

5) Another Designer Day - up to 4 hours - we will review the project, style collections, install and finishing touches, and take "after" photos of the space.

Follow Up Fridays - "Office Hours" - between 10am - 1pm. Designer is available for phone calls and answering questions via emails (no texts) during the 30 days of our agreement.

Additional and future correspondence is not included regarding design after the end of our Miracle Makeover time allowance. Meaning, no emails or phone calls regarding the project will be covered under our agreement.

How much does this cost?

Our Miracle Makeover for your home is offered at a fixed fee of $3500 and covers up to a total of 24 hours in 5 days within a 30 day period. We accept only a limited few clients for our Miracle Makeover service per month. Payment in full is required before we start to reserve your time on our calendar. Any cancelled or requests for rescheduling appointments result in a $50/fee. Additional travel fees may apply for meetings outside a 30-mile radius of our office.

If you are interested or would like to learn more, please fill out the form below and we will go from there.

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