Design Vision Studio

Design & Staging Makeover

Let us show you how to get “TOP-DOLLAR” for the sale of your property.

Design Vision Studio offers a professional, no-nonsense approach to transform your home to appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. We implement specific design principles so each home can be seen at its best: from the initial curb appeal to the finished living spaces.

Prepare for the Sale
Our Design Vision Visit 90-minute Consultation is perfect for homeowners and realtors alike. We help can help clients “edit” and improve what they can to prepare for photographing and the showing of their properties. We can even help realtors “close the deal” when new buyers can’t envision the potential of the property.

Staging; Rent vs. Buy?
Design Vision Studio DOES NOT RENT staging furniture. Why? Because we have found that purchasing is the best value for our clients verse leasing used, recycled, one-size-fits-all staging furniture. We will stage your home with our best selections of design-specific furnishings to make your property shine.

Each home is unique and our focused approach is our secret to success. It also gives us the opportunity to select items that will fit your home perfectly to make it more appealing than other homes for sale in your neighborhood. We do this by purchasing the furnishings and décor items necessary to elevate the first impression of your home. The home can be listed and sold as partially or fully furnished and you can recoup the costs of staging at the time of sale.